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Fire Detection RTAP ZH (AS)

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Flexible cable with polyethylene insulation, shielded with aluminum/polyester tape plus tinned copper drain and polyolefin outer sheath.


Cables for analogic systems as well as convetional detection and fire alarms where halogen free cables are required.

  • Operating voltage: 300 V
  • Test voltage: 1500 V
  • Operating temperature: from -15 to 70 ºC
Section ( Resistance (Max. at 20ºC) Ω/km Outer Ø (mm)
2×1 19,5 6,2
2×1,5 13,3 6,8
2×2,5 7,98 8,0
  • Conductor: Flexible bare copper according to UNE EN 60228
  • Insulation: Polyolefin LSZH according to EN 50290-2-26
  • Assembly of conductors: Cores twisted in layers
  • Shield: Aluminium/polyester tape + Cu Sn drain
  • Outer sheath: Polyolefin LSZH according to EN 50290-2-27
  • Usual color: Red RAL 3000
  • Color code: Red and Black
Drum bobina Coil rollo
Nubox nubox
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