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ASCABLE - Cat.: - Sec.:,

Applicable Standard:  EN 50525-3-31.


Single core non-sheathed electric cables with halogen free polyolefin insulation. These cables are suitable for electric connection for fixed installations. Construction is according to EN 50525-3-31.


Permanent, protected installation inside appliances and in or on fixed lights, particular indicated for situations, in which it is necessary to reduce the emission of corrosive smoke and gases, for example in case of fire. Specially recommended for internal wiring of equipment, in public busy locations as in any other place that has these special characteristics, specially in case of fire.

For more detailed information, check the EN 50565 Usage Guide for Cables with a Rated Voltage not Exceeding 450/750 V (U0 /U).

  • Operating voltage: 300 / 500 V
  • Test voltage: 2.000 V
  • Operating temperature: from -15 to 70 ºC
Section ( Outer Ø aprox. ( Weight (kg/km) Resistance at 20ºC (Ω/km)
1×0,5 2,1 8,5 39,0
1×0,75 2,35 11,2 26,0
1×1 2,55 13,9 19,5
  • Conductor: Flexible bare copper class 5 according to UNE EN 60228
  • Insulation: Polyolefin type TI 7 according to UNE EN 50363-7
NPS (Cone)  eurocono Box  box
Drum  bobina Coil  rollo
100m/200m Box caja Nubox nubox
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