Thermocouple Cables

DATAL RHOV-U KX 300V: Thermocouple without steel crown.
DATAL RHOVMV-U KX 300V: Thermocouple cable with steel crown.
Description: Extension wires of signal transmission for measuring temperature, within the Instrumentation and control cable family. Manufactured according to EN 50288-7, BS 5308,  NF M 87-202 e IEC 60584.

Application: Mostly in industrial, petrochemical and off-shore plants. To be installed outdorrs, on trays or buried, where mechanical and electromagnetic protection is required.


Positive Metal


Negative Metal


Kx NiCr Green NiAl  White
Jx Fe Black CuNi44  White
Tx Cu Brown CuNi44  White

Sections: from 0,5sq mm to 1,5sq mm. Constructive Characteristics Conductor: Class I rigid wire. (Other compositions, please check) Isolation: PVC, PE, XLPE. For silicone, please check • Formation: from 1to 24 pairs. (Other combinations, please check) Screen: Individual and colective of aluminium. Armour: If requested, it can consist of an iron braid, shield or crown. Outer Cover: PVC, ZH (Halogen-free)  and silicone (please check). Technical Characteristics : Bending  radius: 10 Ø

Hoja técnica thermocouple cables termopares Ascable Recael

Rigid Cable

Low in Halgens (EN 50267-2-1)
Non propagation of flame ( EN 60332-1-2)
Compatibility with electric noises
Resistant to water absorption (IEC-60364-3)
Halogen-free (EN 50257-2-1)
Non propagation of fire (EN 60332-3-24)
Resistant to UV-Rays
Resistant to a los hydrocarbons (ICEA S73-532)
Non emission of corrosive gases  (EN 50267-2-3)
Low emission of dark smoke (EN 61034-2)
Packaging: Coils & drums

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