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Signal & Data

Application:Great resistance against external interferences. Compatible with interconnections digital systems RS-232, ES-422, etc […]

Datal LiYCY Ascable Recael Cable Señal datos Signal Data Cable

Data Cable: Datal Li YCY

Description: Flexible data cable with 85% stained copper screen braiding with in PET foil and PVC outer sheath. […]



Description: Round polyethylene (PE) insulated pair-twisted halogen free cable with flame retardant sheath. Fire performance according to IEC 60332-1. Design, manufacture and testing have been carried out according tothe requirements in ISO 9001. For the same functionality in flat version we have ELQRB. […]

Latest cables incorporated in our cable range

En Ascable-Recael desarrollamos continuamente productos nuevos para poder dar respuesta a las demandas del mercado actual y poder abastecer así cualquier necesidad específica de nuestros clientes.

Consulte a continuación las nuevas incorporaciones de producto en Ascable-Recael […]