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Control cable

Application:For the operation and control of automation and interconnection between switchboard and machine,including tool machines. […]


Instrumentation & control cables

Application: Cable of industrial use for equipment where protection against electromagnetic fields is required (always according to manufacturers specs). […]

Thermocouple Cables

DATAL RHOV-U KX 300V: Thermocouple without steel crown.
DATAL RHOVMV-U KX 300V: Thermocouple cable with steel crown.
Description: Extension wires of signal transmission for measuring temperature, within the Instrumentation and control cable family. Manufactured according to EN 50288-7, BS 5308,  NF M 87-202 e IEC 60584.


Cables with Mica insulation

Our mica-insulated electric cables meet the most stringent international fire-resistance standards. Mica tape not only provides electric insulation, but it also acts as a unique barrier against fire by preventing its propagation and reduces the volume of toxic gases and fumes given away during a fire. […]

Instrumentation & Control Cables

RE 2x(St) Y Pimf: Pantalla individual y colectiva RE 2x(St) Y SWA Y Pimf: Pantalla individual y colectiva y armadura Descripción: Cable de instrumentación y control fabricado de acuerdo a EN 50288-7, BS 5308,  NF M 87-202 e IEC 60584. […]

Latest cables incorporated in our cable range

En Ascable-Recael desarrollamos continuamente productos nuevos para poder dar respuesta a las demandas del mercado actual y poder abastecer así cualquier necesidad específica de nuestros clientes.

Consulte a continuación las nuevas incorporaciones de producto en Ascable-Recael […]


RZ1OZ1-K (AS) 0,6/1kV: Halogen-free electric cable for industrial use

Description: Shielded cables with polyolefin sheath, suitable for connecting industrial equipment, constructed according to UNE/EN-21123-2 / IEC-60502 standards. Application: Electric cables for industrial use with rated voltage 0.6/1 kV, suitable for connection of industry equipment. […]


YSLYSY: Cables eléctricos de instrumentación y control

Descripción: Cables eléctricos de instrumentación y control, con aislamiento de PVC, cubierta interna de PVC, trenza de hilos de acero galvanizado y cubierta exterior de PVC transparente. Construidos siguiendo los criterios de la norma EN 50525-2-51 […]