SZ1-K (as+) Silicone fire resistant cable


Description: Cables manufactured with crosslinked silicone insulation type EI2 and outer sheath halogen-free thermoplastic polyolefin. Made according to UNE 211025

Application: Power cables with intrinsic fire resistance for safety circuits (0.6 / 1 KV) where cables must remain on service for a while even in the midst of a fire. Suitable for transmission and distribution of electricity in indoor or outdoor fixtures and for industrial use. Suitable for installation on air carriers, pipes or underground.

 Constructive characteristics:

 Conductor: Polished copper class 5 according to EN 60228

Insulation: Crosslinked silicon type EI2 according to EN 50363-1

  • Formation:  Stranded conductors, except for single-core
  • Outer cover: Thermoplastic polyolefin DMZ-E  according to EN 21123-4

 Technical Characteristics

  • Average Voltage :  600/1.000 V
  • Test Voltage:  3.500 V
  • Operating Temperature: de -15 a+90ºC
  • Short-circuit intensity: 5 s a 250 ºC

 Cable range certified by AENOR

  a) Single-core: From 1×1.5 sqmm to 1×300 sqmm

 b) Multiple-core:

    • From 1,5 to 50 sqmm          Max. number of conductors 5
    • From 70 sqmm                      Max. number of conductors 4
    • From 95 sqmm                      Max. number of conductors 3

Flexible cable

Low in halogens (EN 50267-2-1)

Fire Resistant (EN 50200)

Flame retardant (EN 60332-2-1)

Reduced fire propagation (EN 60332-3-24)

Low Smoke Density (EN 61034-2)

 Non-emission of acid gases (EN 50267-2-3)


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