RZ1OZ1-K (AS) 0,6/1kV: Halogen-free electric cable for industrial use


Description: Shielded cables with polyolefin sheath, suitable for connecting industrial equipment, constructed according to UNE/EN-21123-2 / IEC-60502 standards. Application: Electric cables for industrial use with rated voltage 0.6/1 kV, suitable for connection of industry equipment.

Constructive characteristics: Conductor: Flexible bare copper, class 5 according to UNE/EN 60228.

  • Insulation: Cross linked polyethylene, type XLPE according to IEC 60502-1. Identification:  black, numbered. Assembly of cores: concentric stranded wires.
  • Inner sheath:  Polyolefin LSHF type ST8 according to IEC 60502-1. Standard color: Black according to RAL 9005.
  • Shield: Copper tape of 0.10 mm thickness. Overlap ≥ 20% according to IEC-60502.
  • Outer sheath: Polyolefin LSHF type ST8 according to IEC 60502-1. Standard color: Black (check for other colours) according to RAL 9005.

Technical characteristics:

  • Rated voltage:  600/1.000 V
  • Test voltage:  3.500 V
  • Operating Temperature: de -15º C a +90 ºC
  • Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250 ºC (max. 5 s)
Flexible cable
Halogen free (EN 50257-2-1)
Flame retardant (EN 60332-1-2)
Compatibility with electric noise
Resistant to water absorption (IEC-60364.3)
 Resistant to hydrocarbons (ICEA S73-532)
 UV-ray resistant
Reduced fire propagaeion (EN 60332-3-24)
Low smoke density (EN 61034-2)
Non-emission of acid gases (EN 50267-2-3)

Packaging: Coils, drums and Nubox

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