Instrumentation & control cables


Application: Cable of industrial use for equipment where protection against electromagnetic fields is required (always according to manufacturers specs). Suitable for installation in public busy areas. ITC-BT 28 and industries according to Security Fire Prevention Code in Industrial Facilities R.D. 2267/2004.

Constructive characteristics:

Conductor: Flexible bare copper class 5 according to UNE EN 60228

Insulation: Crosslinked polyethylene DIX-3 (XLPE) according to UNE 21123-4

Arrangement of the conductors: Cores stranded in layers

Screen: Bare copper braid. 60% de cobertura

Outer sheath: Polyolefin according to UNE EN 21123-4

Usual color: Light green RAL 6018

Color code: Table 2

Technical characteristics:

  • Single core or Multicore
  • Operating voltage: 600 / 1.000 V
  • Test voltage: 3.500 V
  • Operating temperature: from -15 to 90 C
Flexible cable
Halogen free (UNE EN 50257-2-1)
Flame retardant (UNE EN 60332-2-1)
No propagation of fire (UNE EN 50266-2-4)
Resistant to high temperatures
Zero emision of corrosive gases (UNE EN 50267-2-3)
 Low emission of dark smokes (UNE EN 61034)
Compatible with electric noises

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