Frequency Converter (VFD)


Application: Electric cables for industrial use, symmetric stranded, two shields and LSHF outer sheath. Suitable for connexion of frequency converters.Construction according to IEC-60502.

  • Conductor: Flexible bare copper class 5 according to UNE EN 60228.
  • Insulation: Cross linked polyethylene, type XLPE  according to IEC 60502-1.
  • Identification: brown, black, grey, 3 green/yellow
  • Assembly of conductor: symmetric stranded cores
    • 1st shield: Aluminium/polyester tape. Coverage: 100%
    • 2nd shield:  Tinned copper wire braid. Coverage > 65%
  • Outer sheath: Halogen free compound, type ST8, black colour according to IEC 60502-1

Technical characteristics:

  • Rated voltage: 0.6 / 1 kV
  • Test voltage:  3.500 V
  • Operating temperature: -15 to +90 ºC
  • Maximum short-circuit temperature:250 ºC (max. 5 s)
Cable flexibleFlexible cable
Icona Hal Free2Halogen free (UNE EN 50257-2-1)
No propagación del incendioNo flame propagation (UNE EN 60332-2-1)
No propagación de la llamaNo fire propagation(UNE EN 50266-2-4)
Nula emisión de gases corrosivosZero emission of corrosive gases(UNE EN 50267-2-3)
Baja emisión de humos opacosLow emission of dark smoke (UNE EN 61034)
Packaging: Drums

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