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High Temperature Silicon cable Single Core cable silicona unipolar Ascable-Recael

Cable silicona Unipolar 300/500 V

Application: For internal wiring in high temperature and in protected places, like ovens, appliances, engines, etc. […]


Polarised Band

Application: Flat cable for the transmission of electrical signals in electronic devices, slot machines, vending machines, etc. […]


Solar Cable

Application: Solar photovoltaic installations where cable has to be outside, such as parks, solar panels on buildings, etc. […]

Fire resistant cable

Application: Appropiate for installations in which the integrity of a circuit has to be maintained, although it may be affected directly by fire. […]


Control cable

Application:For the operation and control of automation and interconnection between switchboard and machine,including tool machines. […]

300-500 V Manguera Ascable Recael Cable Alta Temperatura High Temperature Cable

Silicone multicore cable 300/500 V

Application: High temperature or in contact with hot surfaces, as fixtures or lamps incorporated in industries where mechanical protection is assured. For devices that require some flexibility in use and are subjected to mild mechanical stress. […]

cables a medida

Custom cable production and design

Ascable-Recael manufactures all types of custom cables according to the needs of our customers. […]


Frequency Converter (VFD)

Application: Electric cables for industrial use, symmetric stranded, two shields and LSHF outer sheath. Suitable for connexion of frequency converters.Construction according to IEC-60502. […]


Lighting cable: production automated systems

Our cables H05V2-U/ H07V2-U are aimed at manufacturers of lighting equipment. They have specific properties to work in automated systems for assembly-line production of light fixtures and lighting equipment. […]

H05V2-U Ascable Recael Cable Energia

Lighting Cable

Application: Indicated to wiring inside protected permanent fixtures, inside electrical equipment and fixed lights.