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From Ascable-Recael we wish you a Happy Merry Christmas!

From Ascable-Recael we wish you a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! […]


Ascable-Recael more internacional than ever in 2013!

Throughout 2013 Ascable-Recael has continued its expansion in international markets. At this point we are proud to say that our conductors are already present in the 5 continents, in 32 countries and going up! […]

Proyecto Resso

More success for RESSÒ’s project after Solar Decathlon

Ressò project, in which Ascable-Recael contributed as sponsor keeps gathering recognitions after having already obtained 3 prizes: 1st Prize in Architecture, 1st prize in Innovation and 3rd prize in Urban Planning and Society. The last award has been an honourable mention from the 2014 World Sustainable Building Congress, where the prototype will be documentary exposed and experts from around the world will be able to learn about in depth.

Solar Decathlon is an annual academic competition in which contestants design and build a prototype within 10 days of energetic self-sufficiency, working only with solar energy with the aim of social rehabilitation. It is remarkable that the team of 50 ETSAV-UPC architecture students has been  the only one to win two first prizes in 10 categories in its third consecutive appearance, competing with 19 universities from 16 different countries.
Check out the time-lapse video during the assembly of the prototype in Versailles and the local media report on TV.
resso time lapse
Now the most important challenge of Ressò’s team is to rebuild its prototype in Rubi, where it is now stored. The goal of the 150 sqm, 6m high prototype will be focused on becoming a social center for the community of Rubi., always based on the principles of sustainability and incorporating the necessary technologies that allow maximum energy efficiency. The Ressò members thank the 50 public and private sponsors who supported their initiative both with their both financial and material contributions, totalling € 370,000. Without them, the project would not have been possible.


Ascable-Recael in the Eltässam fair at Stockholm

Ascable-Recael participated in the Elmässan fair at Stockholm hand in hand with one of its distributors. The exhibition took place from 22th to 23th October with a 10% increase in assistance if compared to the previous year. In this year’s edition, there were 220 exhibitors and around 7,000 visitors. 2015 is also expected to be a big hit since 85% of the show’s available space has already been reserved. […]


¡Merry Christmas &  Happy New Year 2015!

From Ascable-Recael we wish you:

¡Merry Christmas &  Happy New Year 2015!