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Nouvelle ligne d’extrusion pour les grandes sections

cables extrusion

Ascable-Recael has completed the implementation of an extrusion line system for manufacturing single core cables with sections up to 630 sqmm and multicore cables  with sections up to 4×150 sqmm. […]

cables a medida

Custom cable production and design

Ascable-Recael manufactures all types of custom cables according to the needs of our customers. […]


NUBOX: new box packaging system

Discover all the advantages of NUBOX compared to traditional packaging and pre-wired cable. […]


New machinery: Drum Twister & Strapping Machine

For the production of armored cables with band and crown, Ascable-Recael has acquired for its factory in Les Franqueses del Vallés (Barcelona) a drum twister and a strapping machine. Both these new acquisitions will allow us to manufacture multi-conductor cables with large cross section. […]

Ei-BUS Cable

Screened installation cable designed for use in building management, for decentralised control of lighting, heating, AC, ventilation,




Description: Round polyethylene (PE) insulated pair-twisted halogen free cable with flame retardant sheath. Fire performance according to IEC 60332-1. Design, manufacture and testing have been carried out according tothe requirements in ISO 9001. For the same functionality in flat version we have ELQRB. […]

Thermocouple Cables

DATAL RHOV-U KX 300V: Thermocouple without steel crown.
DATAL RHOVMV-U KX 300V: Thermocouple cable with steel crown.
Description: Extension wires of signal transmission for measuring temperature, within the Instrumentation and control cable family. Manufactured according to EN 50288-7, BS 5308,  NF M 87-202 e IEC 60584.


Cables with Mica insulation

Our mica-insulated electric cables meet the most stringent international fire-resistance standards. Mica tape not only provides electric insulation, but it also acts as a unique barrier against fire by preventing its propagation and reduces the volume of toxic gases and fumes given away during a fire. […]

New brochure with the latest products of Ascable-Recael

Ascable-Recael has launched a new brochure in 2014 structured in families with a summary of the new additions of the most representative cable families that we have developed in the last couple of years, mainly addressed to international markets. […]


Câble résistante au feu RZ1-K (as+)

Description: Power cables with crosslinked polyethylene insulation and halogen-free polyolefin outer cover. […]